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Digital Land: You Can Become a Landowner in the Brave New Virtual World

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Digital Land: You Can Become a Landowner in the Brave New Virtual World

Post by Vladdirescu on Tue Dec 05, 2017 8:47 pm

In December anyone can become a landowner in the emerging virtual world. Arcona, a project providing a link between a layer of augmented reality (AR) and landmarks on the Earth’s surface, have started a pre-sale of tokens. With these tokens users can buy pieces of Digital Land. How will this work?

Digital Land is a layer of AR uniting the real and virtual worlds, where blockchain technology will protect the rights of landowners and content creators. The project will allow users put a layer of data on top of what we normally see.

Arcona’s creations have the potential to fundamentally change our surroundings, with the Digital Land providing limitless opportunities for new forms of business and entertainment. For example, advertisers will be able to place virtual billboards in top locations, while artists can create their own AR shows for public consumption.

For now, users can only see this virtual world through their smartphones, tablets, or other gadgets, such as the HoloLens, but as soon as the contact lens for augmented reality is released, virtual objects will become an ordinary part of our lives.



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Re: Digital Land: You Can Become a Landowner in the Brave New Virtual World

Post by Vladdirescu on Wed Dec 27, 2017 11:19 pm

Seven Reasons You Should Invest in Digital Land

Real estate has always been a good investment, yet problems often arise when purchasing a plot at a prime location in a big city. A tiny piece of land in Paris or London is incredibly expensive and even if you’ve got the money, practically all the top spots are already taken. However, buying artificial land in virtual worlds such as Second Life, Sansar, Decentraland or High Fidelity is not only easy, but also promises to be a profitable trend of the future.

Hundreds of millions of people visit virtual worlds every month. The market for in-game purchases has grown to $37 billion and could double by 2020. Thanks to Nintendo, Apple and Google, augmented reality (AR) is transforming into a powerful global industry.

Read more: https://coinidol.com/seven-reasons-you-should-invest-in-digital-land/


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