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Beware of these alleged bitcoin related scam websites

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Beware of these alleged bitcoin related scam websites

Post by Artyom on Mon Apr 17, 2017 7:24 pm

List of Alleged Scams Websites-

SCAM 120bitcoins.com
SCAM 1xbit.com
SCAM 999Dice.com
SCAM alldiscounts.club
SCAM auto-exchanger.com
SCAM bi0ckchein.info
SCAM beastminer.net
SCAM bitcart.io
SCAM bitclub.io
SCAM bitcoin-ex.com
SCAM bitcoin-forums.net - Phishing site
SCAM bitcoin-mixer.com
SCAM bitcoin-paypal.gr
SCAM bitcoin-power.com
SCAM bitcoin-stocks.com
SCAM bitcoinbev.com
SCAM bitcoinblackfriday.info
SCAM bitcoincloudminer.com
SCAM bitcoincloudservices.net
SCAM bitcoinmixer.info
SCAM bitcoinonline24.com - Bitcoin 'generator'/multiplier scam.
SCAM bitcointechy.com
SCAM bitcointopp.com - Currency Exchange Scam
SCAM bitcointumble.com
SCAM bitcoinvanitygen.com
SCAM bitdays.org
SCAM bitfog.io
SCAM bitgold.com
SCAM bitlaunder.com - Owned by moriartybitcoin, scammer
SCAM bitpap.com
SCAM bitplastic.com
SCAM bitport.net
SCAM bitsell.me
SCAM bitwallet.cc
SCAM bitxim.com
SCAM blackarrowsoftware.com
SCAM blocekchain.info
SCAM bloclkchian.info
SCAM blockminer.eu
SCAM btc4gen.com - Bitcoin 'generator' scam.
SCAM btc-bets.com
SCAM btc-casino.io
SCAM btcearnerz.tk
SCAM btcflap.com
SCAM btcto.money
SCAM butterflylabs.com - Mining hardware scam
SCAM cloudminr.io
SCAM cloudthink.io
SCAM coal-mine.site
SCAM coindesk.us
SCAM coinmixer.net - Owned by moriartybitcoin, scammer
SCAM coinurl.com
SCAM cryptoconomist.biz
SCAM cryptsy.com - Currency Exchange scam
SCAM darklaunder.com - Owned by moriartybitcoin, scammer
SCAM darkwallet.co
SCAM deepwebreviews.com - Owned by moriartybitcoin, scammer
SCAM duckbit.com
SCAM easyconvert.us
SCAM ebitinvest.com
SCAM ecurrencyxchanga.com - Currency Exchange scam
SCAM electrum.pw
SCAM electrum.space
SCAM electrum-wallet.com
SCAM exchange-ecurrency.com
SCAM fanbitcoin.com  - Should only be used for archival purposes.
SCAM fastminer.net
SCAM gainbitcoin.com
SCAM genesis-mining.com
SCAM giftcardforum.xyz
SCAM goldmoney.com - See bitgold.com.
SCAM goldxcash.com
SCAM grmining.com - Mining scam
SCAM hashocean.com
SCAM hashoceanrefund.tk
SCAM hitbtc.com
SCAM honestexchanger.com
SCAM hybridmixer.com
SCAM igot.com
SCAM instaforexchange.com
SCAM ltcgear.com
SCAM mineprofit.com
SCAM minethatcloud.com
SCAM mining.ml
SCAM mmmoffice.com - Including all other MMM websites.
SCAM moneypakforbitcoins.com
SCAM moneypakforbitcoins.us - Currency Exchange scam
SCAM moneypaktobitcoins.com
SCAM moneypaktobitcoins.us - Currency Exchange scam
SCAM neteller-exchanger.com
SCAM onedice.me
SCAM ore-mine.org
SCAM p2pwallet.cc
SCAM payypalexchange.blogspot.com - Currency Exchange Scam
SCAM paypalmycashtobitcoin.blogspot.com - Currency Exchange Scam
SCAM PBMining.com - Cloud Mining scam
SCAM scrypt.cc -
SCAM sellbitcoin.us -
SCAM securebitcoinwallet.net
SCAM shapeshit.io -  Not to be confused with shapeshift.io
SCAM stablebit.biz -
SCAM stakeminers.com
SCAM strevos.com -
SCAM thebtcescrow.com
SCAM thegar.org
SCAM thegiftcardforum.com
SCAM torwallet.com - Owned by moriartybitcoin, scammer
SCAM tukarbitcoin.info - Currency Exchange Scam
SCAM webuyyourbitcoins.com

Stay Safe !


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